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a chip off the old block 11.15.05
a deer in the headlights 04.07.06 for (04.06.06)
a drop in the bucket 02.26.06
a fish out of water 10.16.05
a fly in the ointment 01.04.06 (for 01.01.06)
a horse of a different color 10.06.05
a knockoff 02.17.06
a long row to hoe 09.24.05
a nail-biter 03.02.06
a penny for your thoughts 03.22.06 (for 03.22.06)
a pox on both your houses 01.20.06
a quick buck 10.27.05
a stitch in time saves nine 10.19.05
a tongue-lashing 01.15.06
a watched pot never boils 04.29.06
about as pleasant as a trip to the dentist 02.10.11
ace in the hole or ace up his sleeve 03.20.06 (for 03.20.06)
Achilles' heel 01.11.13
after my own heart 01.06.13
airing dirty laundry 03.20.06 (for 03.19.06)
all ears 01.07.13
all that glitters is not gold 01.08.13
always a bridesmaid, never a bride 01.14.13
an ax (axe) to grind 02.05.13
an uphill battle 02.14.06
and the rest is history 10.10.05
another nail in the coffin 11.23.05
ants in his pants 12.27.05
any port in a storm 01.16.13
apple of my eye, the 01.18.13
April Fools Day 04.01.10
as dense as a London Fog 04.12.06
as easy as falling off a log 09.28.05
as easy as falling off a log 01.19.07
as plain as the nose on your face 01.22.13
as snug as a bug in a rug 09.23.05
as the crow flies 03.30.10
as useful as a lead balloon 01.26.06
asleep at the wheel 01.23.13
at the crack of dawn 01.25.13
at the drop of a hat 12.15.05
at the eleventh hour 01.30.13
at the end of my rope 01.31.13
at the end of the day 02.01.13
babe in the woods, a 02.08.13
back against the wall 02.09.12
back from the dead 04.18.06
back handed compliment, a 02.11.13
back in the saddle 10.25.05
back seat driver, a 02.14.13
back to square one 02.22.13
back to the drawing board 02.25.13
back to the salt mines 01.27.06
backstabber, a 02.15.13
bad blood 02.27.13
bad hair day, a 03.06.13
bad seed, a 03.11.13
bad to the bone 03.13.13
bag and baggage 03.15.13
bait and switch 03.20.13
a bald faced liar 03.22.13
banging your head against a brick wall 04.12.13
bank on it 03.29.13
baptism by fire 04.05.13
bare bones 03.05.06
barking up the wrong tree 12.18.05
barn burner, a 04.08.13
basket case, a 04.09.13
bats in the belfry 04.18.13
be there or be square 04.23.13
beat around the bush 04.24.13
beat a dead horse 03.25.06
beat the bushes 04.25.13
beats picking cotton 04.26.09
beauty is in the eye of the beholder 04.29.13
beauty is only skin deep 04.30.13
bee in her bonnet 04.02.10
the bee's knees 05.01.13
behind the times 07.16.07
between a rock and hard place 03.31.10
big as life, as 04.06.10
born with a silver spoon in his mouth 12.07.05
bum rap, a 02.28.13
burn your bridges 01.11.06
busier than a one-armed paper hanger 10.15.05
by the skin of my teeth 09.29.05
can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear 10.20.05
can't see the forest for the trees 07.17.07
can't squeeze blood out of a turnip 04.08.10
cash cow, a 11.30.05
cat got your tongue? 10.31.05
cat's whiskers, the 04.10.10
chatty Cathy 05.03.10
clean your clock 03.11.06 (for 03.12.06)
clear as a bell 04.24.06
come hell or high water 10.05.05
cooking with gas now 01.17.06
cool as a cucumber 03.31.06
cost an arm and a leg 02.21.06
couldn't hit the broad side of a barn 01.18.06
cry over spilled milk 10.14.05
dead as a doornail 03.01.08
dead as a doornail 04.12.10
death by a thousand cuts 04.15.10
diamond in the rough, a 01.05.06 (for 12.31.05)
diamond in the rough, a 04.16.10
dig yourself into a hole 03.13.06
dirt cheap 04.22.10
doesn't have both oars in the water 04.14.10
don't rain on my parade 05.03.06 (for 05.01.06)
don't reinvent the wheel 12.04.05 (for 12.03.05)
dot the I's and cross the T's 11.02.05
drive me to drink 05.03.06
dropping like flies 07.19.07
dumber than a box of rocks 02.15.06
early bird catches the worm, the 04.28.10
easy as 123 02.27.06
eat lead! 02.16.06
eat my hat 07.24.07
eats like a horse 10.30.05
egg on your face, have 10.12.10
elephant in the room, the 04.23.10
even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while 04.26.06 (for 04.25.06)
everything but the kitchen sink 10.04.05
everything comes out in the wash 04.20.10
everything's coming up roses 12.22.05
face it (let's) 04.07.10
fair haired one (boy) 05.11.10
fair weather friend, a 05.06.10
fall guy, the (a) 05.13.10
fall head over heels 12.19.05
fast buck, a 05.07.10
fat as a cow (pig) 05.14.10
federal case out of, make a 05.25.10
fell through the cracks 10.24.05
fighting like cats and dogs 02.10.06
filthy rich 05.24.10
firing on all cylinders 12.23.05
fits like a hand in a glove (fits like a glove) 03.26.06
flat as a pancake 11.25.05
free as a bird 03.06.06
get a life 05.30.10
get a room 05.31.10
get a word in edgewise 03.14.06
get an earful, to 05.29.10
get cleaned out 01.12.06
get in on the ground floor 05.03.06 (for 05.02.06)
get into hot water 12.28.10
get off on the wrong foot 12.01.05
get over the hump 01.04.06 (for 01.02.06)
get with the program 06.01.10
get your arms arout it 06.02.10
get (have) your ducks in a row 06.09.10
get your feet wet 06.10.10
get your foot in the door 06.11.10
give a hoot, I don't 06.18.10
give the shirt off your back 04.13.06
give them an inch and they'll take a mile 04.01.06
give my right arm 06.14.10
gloss over, to 06.15.10
glutton for punishment 06.17.10
go against the grain 12.28.05
go belly up 07.10.10
go for broke 06.25.10
go with the flow 02.24.08
go through the motions 06.30.10
good things come to he who waits 11.10.05
good to the last drop 01.28.06
got off on the wrong foot 12.01.05
half-baked idea, a 07.09.10
hammered 10.08.10
happy as a clam at high tide 07.26.10
happy as a lark 07.24.10
happy camper 07.22.10
happy holidays 12.24.10
hard to swallow 07.27.10
hardheaded 07.29.10
harebrained idea 10.11.10
has egg on his face 02.28.06
haste makes waste 07.12.10
he's all thumbs 11.03.05
he's toast 10.13.10
head over heels 10.25.10
heads up! 10.26.10
heard it through the grapevine 10.27.10
hen pecked 10.28.10
high as a kite 10.29.10
high maintenance 11.02.10
highway robbery 11.04.10
hindsight is 20-20 11.16.10
his bark is worse than his bite 04.19.06
his bark is worse than his bite 12.07.10
the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing 12.09.10
hit below the belt, to 12.10.10
hit pay dirt 12.16.05
hit the hay, to 12.13.10
hit the nail on the head 12.14.10
hold your horses 02.07.06 (for 02.04.06)
hot enough to fry an egg 12.27.10
home is where you hang your hat 11.16.05
hook, line, and sinker 12.16.10
horsing around 12.22.10
hump day 12.29.10
hunker down 04.07.06 (for 04.07.06)
I could whip you with one arm tied behind my back 12.02.05
I need that like I need a hole in the head 09.26.05
I wasn't born yesterday 02.11.06
I'd lose my head if it weren't attached 10.29.05
ice water in his veins 01.03.11
Idle hands are the devil's workshop 10.09.05
if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times 01.12.11
if the shoe fits, wear it 01.29.06
if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen 04.20.06
I'll bet dollars to doughnuts 01.17.11
I'll eat my hat 02.22.06
I'm not getting any younger 01.24.11
in harm's way 02.04.11
in hot water 04.20.09
in on the ground floor 02.05.11
in the bag 04.08.11
in the cards, it's 02.06.11
in the clear 02.07.11
in the hot seat 02.08.11
in the nick of time 02.09.11
in two shakes of a lamb's tail 12.17.05
in your dreams 02.11.11
in your face 03.01.06
is it soup yet? 01.13.06
is it soup yet? 02.18.11
isn't all it's cracked up to be 02.24.11
it isn't rocket science 02.26.11
it takes two to tango 03.21.11
it won't fly 04.02.06
it's a game of inches 06.16.11
it's a lemon 04.07.11
it's in the mail 01.31.06 (for 01.30.06)
it's no use crying over spilled milk 02.23.11
jack of all trades and a master of none, a 06.17.11
jockeying for position 06.23.11
joined at the hip 04.26.06
journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, a 06.22.11
jump down your throat 10.23.05
jump the gun 11.17.05
jump in with both feet, to 06.20.11
jump on the bandwagon 06.21.11
just around the bend 07.05.11
just the tip of the iceberg 12.29.05
keep an eye on you 07.15.11
keep it down 07.06.11
keep your chin up 09.13.11
keep your eyes open (peeled) 09.14.11
keep your fingers crossed 07.19.11
keep your hair on 09.15.11
keep your nose to the grindstone 09.20.11
keep your powder dry 09.16.11
keeping up with the Joneses 03.15.06
keeps his cards close to his vest 03.07.06
kick some butt (or ass) 02.07.06 (for 02.05.06)
kick the bucket 11.28.11
king's ransom, a 11.29.11
kiss and tell 12.01.11
knee-high to a grasshopper 12.09.05
knock it out of the park 01.19.06
knock on wood 12.02.11
knock out, a 12.05.11
knock your socks off, to 04.28.09
knockout blow 04.08.06
know it like the back of my hand 10.17.05
know the ropes 12.06.11
know the score 12.07.11
know where you stand 12.12.11
know which side your bread is buttered on 11.04.05
knuckle down 12.15.11
knuckle sandwich 12.16.11
knuckle under 12.20.11
Kodak moment, a 12.22.11
last but not least 11.19.05
last hurrah 01.23.12
lay my cards on the table 04.14.06
leave no stone unturned 03.22.06 (for 03.21.06)
like a broken record 04.13.10
like a bull in a china shop 09.27.05
like a fish out of water 07.25.07
like a kid on a candy store 11.26.05
like a knife through hot butter 01.07.06
like night and day 12.10.05
lock, stock, and barrel 11.11.05
look what the cat dragged in 03.02.10
looking for a needle in a haystack 03.27.06
love is blind 03.08.06
madder than a wet hen 01.04.06 (for 01.03.06)
make a federal case of 05.25.10
make ends meet 03.03.10
making a mountain out of a mole hill 09.30.05
making money hand over fist 01.09.06 (for 01.08.09)
many hands make light work 01.31.06
miss the boat 03.29.06 (for 03.28.06)
money doesn't grow on trees 04.21.06
my brain is fried 02.23.06
nailed it 03.09.06
nerves of steel 03.04.10
nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof 04.27.06
nice guys finish last 02.07.06 (for 02.06.06)
no pain, no gain 11.12.05
no skin off my nose 01.14.06
no strings attached 04.03.06
not for all the tea in china 10.18.05
not playing with a full deck 01.04.06
not the ghost of a chance 12.13.05 (for 12.11.05)
off kilter 11.18.05
off the cuff 03.05.10
old as dirt 01.21.06
on the same page 11.28.05
on track 02.18.06
one man's garbage is another man's treasure 12.30.05
one picture is worth a thousand words 04.15.06
out of gas 04.10.06 (for 04.09.06)
out of the woods 10.28.05
paint yourself into a corner 02.12.06
pass the buck 03.08.10
play the hand you're dealt 11.20.05
play with the big boys (or girls) 12.04.05
pot calling kettle black, the 04.25.09
pound the pavement, to 01.26.06 (for 01.25.06)
pull the wool over your eyes, to 10.11.05
put it on the back burner 01.26.06 (for 01.24.06)
put that in your pipe and smoke it 11.05.05
quiet as a mouse 03.09.10
raking in the money (or dough) 02.19.06
rattle your cage 02.24.06
real toad strangler, a 03.10.10
reopen an old wound 01.23.06 (for 01.22.06)
right up your alley 02.01.06
rock the boat 11.24.05
Rome wasn't built in a day 10.02.05
rotten to the core 12.24.05
rub salt in the wound 04.05.06 (for 04.04.06)
run circles around (also run rings around) 04.22.06
same song and dance 03.24.06 (for 03.23.06)
season's greetings 12.25.05
see the glass as half empty 10.22.05
send up a trial balloon 11.21.05
shoestring budget, a 03.11.10
six of one, half dozen of another 04.29.06 (for 04.28.06)
skating on thin ice 02.16.11
something to sink your teeth into 12.05.05
soup to nuts 03.03.06
step on your toes 10.12.05
stop on a dime 01.05.06
stuck out like a sore thumb 11.28.05 (for 11.27.05)
sweep it under the rug 01.09.06 (for 01.09.06)
swim against the tide 12.13.05 (for 12.12.05)
take a long walk off a short pier 11.13.05
take a picture, it will last longer 02.07.06
take the bull by the horns 03.15.10
take the gloves off 03.13.10
test the waters 03.10.06
the 800-pound gorilla 12.08.05
the blind leading the blind 11.09.05
the cat's meow 02.03.06
the grass is always greener on the other side 10.08.05
the icing on the cake 01.23.07
the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing 12.09.10
the lights are on buy nobody's home 12.21.05
the old ball and chain 03.17.06 (for 03.16.06)
the red carpet treatment 03.17.06
the whole enchilada 12.20.05
throw gasoline on the fire 02.13.06
tilting at windmillss 04.17.06 (for 04.16.06)
time on your (or my) hands 03.29.06 (for 03.29.06)
to deep six something 02.09.06
to sugar coat something (candy-coat something) 04.10.06
too many chefs spoil the broth 11.07.05 (for 11.06.05)
toot your own horn 12.13.05 (for 12.13.05)
turn over a new leaf 09.30.05 (for 10.01.05)
under a microscope 11.22.05
until the cows come home 11.01.05
up the ante 03.20.10
variety is the spice of life 10.13.05
waiting for the dust to settle 02.20.06
waiting for the other shoe to drop 01.06.06
waiting for your ship to come in 03.24.06 (for 03.24.06)
walking on egg shells 09.25.05
watching the clock 03.22.10
welcome to the club 10.03.05
we're gonna tie one on tonight 03.04.06
were you born in a barn? 03.11.06 (for 03.11.06)
wet blanket, a 03.23.10
what a zoo -- or -- this place is a zoo 11.14.05
what's wrong with this picture? 01.16.06
when all is said and done 04.23.06
when hell freezes over 01.10.06
when pigs fly 12.14.05
where there's smoke there's fire 04.11.06
the whole ball of wax 03.23.13
wipe the slate clean 10.26.05
with a fine tooth comb 10.07.05
with one hand tied behind my back 11.07.05
work your fingers to the bone 04.05.06
works like a dog 11.29.05
yank your chain 02.25.06
you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink 12.06.05
you can take that to the bank 03.30.06
you can't fit a square peg in a round hole 02.03.06 (for 02.02.06)
you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube 02.09.06 (for 02.08.06)
you could have knocked me over with a feather 12.26.05
you do the math 05.03.06 (for 04.30.06)
you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet 04.17.06 (for 04.17.06)
you lost me 01.23.06
you make a better door than a window 11.08.05
you snooze, you loose 03.18.06
your goose is cooked 03.27.10
zip it! 03.29.10
zip your lip 10.21.05
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