Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cliché: go with the flow

Meaning: be one with the flood
Rewrite 1: move with the crowd
Rewrite 2: wander the path
Rewrite 3: follow the lights
Rewrite 4: stay in the ruts

Comment: This could almost be a plea to not "rock the boat," but its roots are in the 1960s, and it was really a suggestion to go along or play along with whatever was happening at the moment rather than plan and scheme or resist the temptation to play.

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benza said...

Admirable work.

Would there be other works of this nature?

Like Dr Johnson worked on a Dictionary and there are many more today.

Would one need your permission to make use of your suggestions?

It's a swell idea ... ofcourse, it is we who benefit from your efforts.

You deserve much more than my mere words ... and sadly, I have none to offer in the evening of my life.

May be, others would be magnanimous than poor me,
ben aloysius

Booksville Bookclub said...

I gladly give permission to make use of any individual entries for your personal use. However, I reserve publishing rights for the whole work. Thank you for asking.

I know of no other similar body of work. There are lots of lists of cliches but no attempts to rework or recast cliches. I hope to return soon to rewriting and recasting cliches and compile everything into a book.