Wednesday, May 01, 2013

cliché: the bee’s knees

Meaning: Excellent quality (or the small things in life that count)

Example: Those miniature gold bar earrings are the bee’s knees.

Origins: Various and undecided. Bee’s knees carry the awesome pollen. 

  • the cow’s udders
  • the sheep’s locks
  • the bird’s peeps
  • the hummingbird’s wings
  • the puppy's cuddle
  • the striker’s toes
  • the punter’s feet
  • the penitent’s knees

Discussion: I suggest there are few things so small that provide so much gold as the bee’s knees, but there are lots of things we probably don’t consider that proportionally provide an equal amount of good. That’s what I took into consideration in rewriting this cliché. 

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