Friday, March 03, 2006

Cliché: soup to nuts

Meaning: from one end to the other or all-inclusive. Meanings and uses.
Rewrite 1: fade in to fade to black
Rewrite 2: opening title to ending credits
Rewrite 3: toes to
Rewrite 4:
taillights to headlights
Rewrite 5: basement to

Comment 1: These rewrites describe a lot of beginnings-to-ends. How might you rewrite or recast some of these to more fully explore the notion of being all-inclusive?

Comment 2: In rewrite 1, “fade in” and “fade to black” are film and television terms referring to the very beginning of a show (fade in) and the very end (fade to black), excluding opening or closing credits. They appear as the first and last items on a script. In rewrite 2, “opening title” and “end credits” are usually the first and last things you see on a movie or television show screen.

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