Monday, March 20, 2006

Cliché: ace in the hole or ace up his sleeve (new entry)

(re-entered on 04.02.06) (Happy first day of spring 2006!)

Meaning: hidden resource save until needed.
Rewrite 1: a gold coin sewn in his pocket
Rewrite 2: an extra key under the solen2 of his shoe
Rewrite 3: the answers up his sleeve
Rewrite 4: a picklockn2 pinned in her hair

Comment1: I had to replace my original here because, without intending to, I had repeated a cliché. My apologies to my readers. (I discovered the repeat when I tried to organize the list of clichés alphabetically.)

Comment2: Careful here: You don’t want to get too wild with examples, yet you also don’t want to resort to other clichés like a key under the mat.

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