Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cliché: where there's smoke there's fire

(Also: There’s no smoke without fire)

Meaning: find an effect and you’ll usually find its cause.
Rewrite 1: when I see
smoke, I know to look for fire
Rewrite 2: where there’s a
burnn1,2 there’s fire
Rewrite 3: where there’s water there’s often a
Rewrite 4: I don’t need to see
horizontal rain to know I’m in a hurricane
Rewrite 5: When things look
odd and I see smoke, I know mirrors must be nearby

Comment: I tried to vary both the effect and the cause to broaden the scope of this cliché. Rewrite 5 relates to a different use of the word "smoke," in this case we're talking about deception.

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