Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cliché: the whole enchilada (new entry)

(re-entered at 1:39 pm ET on 12.23.05)

Meaning: the whole package. Multiple clichés for a similar idea.
Rewrite 1: the
doughnut and the doughnut hole (also donut)
Rewrite 2: bed,
box spring, and mattress
Rewrite 3: the whole car, from the tires to the rag top*
Rewrite 4: the whole car, from headlight to taillight

*Scroll down to rag-top; also applies to American and Canadian English.

Comment: I had to replace my original here because, without intending to, I had repeated a cliché. My apologies to my readers. (I discovered the repeat when I tried to organize the list of clichés alphabetically.)

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