Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cliché: toot your own horn

(entered for 12.13.05)

Meaning: make a big deal about something that is yours.
Use examples.
Rewrite 1:
beep your own horn7a or 7b
Rewrite 2:
ring2* your own bell
Rewrite 3:
gush over your own accomplishments
Rewrite 4: write your own
performance review**
Rewrite 5: make
much ado*** about your own nothing

Comment: Not to throw accolades my own way, but I really like rewrite 5, which is a play on one of Shakespeare’s great comedies. The further we can get away from the original the better.

Notes: *Scroll down to the second use of ring. **Go to the “p’s” then scroll about a quarter of the way down the page to find “performance review.” ***See “
Shakespeare’s Words”, a Shakespeare glossary, by David Crystal, for more meaning on The Bard’s words and phrases.

More reading about clichés
What I found when I
googled “clichés”:
Sundance Creativity: “Poetic Cliches: …clichés are rampant in poetry today, particularly among new or younger poets.”

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