Monday, April 12, 2010

Cliché: dead as a doornail

meaning: lifeless or useless like a nail used in a door (example 1, example 2, example 3)

Rewrite 1: dead as a coffin nail
Rewrite 2: lifeless as a wood screw
Rewrite 3: dead as a deep winter's night
Rewrite 4: dead as a double shot in a bullseye
Rewrite 5: dead as a confederate dollar
Rewrite 6: dead as a tooth on the dentist's floor
Rewrite 7: dead as a Martian dune
Rewrite 8: dead as a basketball after the buzzer

Comments: In the first couple of rewrites I tried to stick with the heart of the cliché. Then I tried to provide some uses for "dead" beyond the strict meaning of death - and there are many! How many ways can you recast this classic cliché knowing how many more ways you can use the word "dead"?

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Elyse Sommer (Hardcover - Apr 1988)


Scotti Cohn said...

Marvelous stuff, as always! This is one of my favorite blogs, even if I don't comment!

Booksville Bookclub said...

Hi Scotti. Thanks! I appreciate that you felt compelled to comment today. And thanks for making this one of your favorite blogs - friends are always welcome. I take requests, so if you ever run into a cliché I haven't addressed yet, put it in a comment and I'll do my best to address it. I also appreciate criticism, so feel free to disagree with anything I suggest.