Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cliché: everything (it all) comes out in the wash

Meaning: no permanent damage (example1, example 2)

Rewrite 1: everything washes out with soap and water
Rewrite 2: nothing can resist the wash-spin-rinse-spin cycle
Rewrite 3: no stain remains forever
Rewrite 4: grease a little elbow power will undo
Rewrite 5: a good wash undoes all stains
Rewrite 6: throw it in with the rest of your soiled laundry and let's make you clean

Comments: I've pretty much remained with the original washday motif. Another interpretation of the idiom that strikes me - and which originally guided me when I first saw this cliché - was that it meant nothing is hidden in the laundry, all your clothes with all their stains come out on laundry day. How might you write for that?

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