Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cliché: can't squeeze blood out of a turnip

Meaning: You can't get something from a thing that doesn't have it (example)

Rewrite 1: can't squeeze orange juice out of an apple
Rewrite 2: can't squeeze milk out of barn wood
Rewrite 3: can't make a stack of nickels out of a pile of nails
Rewrite 4: can't tap maple syrup from an oak stump
Rewrite 5: can't tap the stream of a bottomless well

Comments: This cliché is usually said of trying to get money or value from someone who is broke or without resources; however, it is also said of trying to tap other resources that don't exist or make something of another thing that doesn't make sense. I've attempted to address all those senses.

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Unknown said...

Can't get a nun to swear like a hip hop star.

Booksville Bookclub said...

That's the spirit! Can't squeeze a nun out of a bad habit...

Unknown said...

I'm not sure "blood from a turnip" is common enough to be considered a cliche. But situations are fun to write. I appreciate these new phrases.