Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cliché: see the glass as half empty

Meaning: having a negative view of life
Rewrite 1: see a storm cloud without a silver lining
Rewrite 2: see a rain shower as a hurricane
Rewrite 3: view a
promotion as piling on* more work
Rewrite 4: think of winning the
lottery as increasing your tax burden

Comment: This cliché provides lots of opportunities to be creative. There are lots of situations you can see from either a negative or a positive point of view. You can also flip the concept by seeing the glass as half full and have some fun with that as a rewrite: See a hurricane as a chance to blow autumn leaves out of your yard or a flat tire as an opportunity to flex some muscles.

*Piling on: consider this also in the context of the sports idiom in football in which multiple (way more than necessary) defensive players jump on the player in possession of the ball.

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