Monday, October 10, 2005

Cliché: …and the rest is history

Meaning: …and everyone knows the rest of the story
Rewrite 1: …and the rest is in the paper
Rewrite 2: …and the rest is legend
Rewrite 3: …and the media has covered the rest
Rewrite 4: …and you know the rest of the story
Rewrite 5: …and for the rest, consult the history books

Caution: It’s easy to sound flippant with a rewrite of this cliché.

Comment: If it’s “history” because so much has been written about it, you could name other resources, like the encyclopedia, dictionary, Internet, Web, science books, library, reference section, and so on. If it’s “history” because it’s part of recorded history, you could cite those sources, as in history books, History 101, archeology books, anthropology books, pre-history, mythology books, historical records, genealogical records, your grandmother, etc.

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