Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cliché: your goose is cooked

Meaning: you're done in, in trouble; your cause is lost (example 1example 2)

Rewrite 1: your potatoes are mashed
Rewrite 2: your steak is fried
Rewrite 3: your chocolate has melted
Rewrite 4: the letter is mailed
Rewrite 5: the words are in print

Comment: "Your goose is cooked" often has an almost fatalist quality to it suggesting consequences will follow and now your fate is decided. I've written a range of possible recasts that go from the simple "something devastating has happened" to the "something is now beyond your control" quality, but there is a fuller range you could explore.

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Sorry I was unable to slay more clichés this week. Too many things happened this week that prevented it -- I have higher hopes for next week! 

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