Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cliché: knock your socks off

Meaning: metaphorically, powerful enough to explosively remove clothing
Rewrite 1: knock your boxers off
Rewrite 2: knock your bra off
Rewrite 3: blow the shutters off
Rewrite 4: spin the tires off

Comment: Extend the metaphor to the house or other things.

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Zany Holidays Blogger said...

Tomorrow is Cliché Day, officially--let's make a bonfire and throw all the clichés in it...

Booksville Bookclub said...

I'm all for a good cliched bonfire!

Anonymous said...
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Booksville Bookclub said...

Sorry, but I deleted a comment because it was a series of links to scantily clad ladies. Not only would that not be appropriate for younger audiences that read this blog, but as a series of links to someone else's website, it is a form of spam, and I do not endorse spam in any form.