Tuesday, December 20, 2011

cliché: knuckle under

Meaning: consent reluctantly/give in (example)

Rewrite 1: fold to the uppercut
Rewrite 2: give in to the grimmace
Rewrite 3: cave to the nipple pinch
Rewrite 4: succumb to sarcasm
Rewrite 5: fall to a twisted plot

Comment: Faced with a set of knucles clenched under your chin, you might reluctantly bow to someone's demand. I've rewritten this idiom in that vein, then taken it in some "other" directions for fun.
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Anonymous said...

I really like, 'cave to the nipple pinch'. Implies someone using less than kosher tactics ;)

Booksville Bookclub said...

Very insightful comment, Anonymous. Thanks!