Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cliché: get over the hump

(entered for 01.02.06) (Sorry, I was sick over New Years and missed some entries.)

Meaning: get past the hardest part.
Use examples.
Rewrite 1: get beyond Wednesday
Rewrite 2: make it past payday
Rewrite 3: get over the mountain
Rewrite 4: clear the
construction and get to the open road

Comment: There are lots of things with humps, some of which are harder to get over than others. A camel, or instance, has a hump, but you really need to ride the hump rather than get over it.

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Literary Voice: Don’t Panic Cliches, but Do Read, Read, Read: “So trying to become aware of the cliches in the language and the ones you use yourself.”

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